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Mhangwana Commercial Accountants

Mhangwana Commercial & Financial Accountants cc specialising in accounting systems and internal controls, training and skills transfers on accounting software and general administration, financial management, tax and audit reports as well as payroll services according to SARS requirements.

Accounting Systems and Internal Controls

We implement accounting systems and internal controls.

Training and Skills

We provide training and skills transfers on accounting software and general financial administration.

Financial Management

Prepare financial, management, tax and internal control reports.

Payroll Services

Provide monthly pay slips and PAYE returns, bi-annual returns, EMP501 and year-end IRP5's. We also provide U19's (UIF updates).

Schools - NPO's, NGO's

Mitirho Ya Chabangu (Pty) Ltd, the sister company of Mhangwana, provides financial administration for schools, NGO's, and NPO's on behalf of Mhangwana Commercial & Financial Accountants cc.


  • We provide skills transfer to SGB’s /Administrators through workshop
  • Skills transfer from manual to computerised bookkeeping by using QuickBooks Accounting Software
  • Preparations of monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual financial statements
  • Preparation of Budget
  • Payroll and labour statutory compliance
  • We also present the annual financial report to the SGB and parents at no cost

The following information must be available and submitted to us:

Download checklist

B. NPO / NGO's

  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Application for tax clearance certificate
  • Application for tax exemption certificates
  • Requirements
  • Bank statements
  • Detailed income and expenditure analysis
  • Copy of constitution
  • Copy of NPO registration certificate
  • Copy of previous Financial Statements
  • Download checklist

    C. Company / Pty:

    • Company registration & annual returns
    • VAT registration & administration
    • E –Filling registration
    • PAYE & UIF registration & administration
    • Payroll administration
    • Provisional Tax administration
    • Financial statements and management reports
    • Tax Clearance
    • BEE Certificate
    • SARS disputes
    • Share Certificates
    • General advisory

    Company Registration Requirements
  • 4 names that you like
  • Copy of your ID
  • Business Address
  • Postal Address
  • Contact Details
  • Download checklist for Company Registration Requirements

    VAT Registration Requirements
  • Company registration documents
  • ID copies of all the senior members as per registration documents
  • Original bank details: letter from banker
  • Financial information: 3 Months bank statement - the business must be up and running
  • Invoices issued
  • Signed contract, tenders awarded
  • Financial statements
  • Municipal account of representative vendor
  • Letter of accountant/bookkeeper/tax practitioners-POA –do financials
  • Letter from vendor – POA – Act on behalf
  • VAT tracking tool completed
  • Download checklist for VAT Registration Requirements

    E-Filing Requirements
  • Tax reference number form SARS
  • Banking details as per SARS records
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Email
  • Download checklist for E-Filing Requirements

    PAYE & UIF Registration Requirements same as PAYE
  • Payroll administration
  • Full particulars of all employees
  • Provisional Tax administration
  • Previous financial statements
  • Financial Statements and Management Requirements
  • Bank statements
  • Invoices to clients
  • Suppliers invoices
  • Company/entity registration documents.
  • Copy of director’s ID
  • Download PAYE & UIF checklist